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In the past three years the closing performance of the specialized DanceWorks courses for the advanced participants has become one of the most popular fixtures of the Bolzano Danza programme.

In 2014 both Tanz Bozen - Bolzano Danza – and the parallel music festival “Klangfeste” will celebrate a rounded birthday. With its 30-year existence Bolzano Danza will be twice as old as the „Klangefeste“. For that reason we have for this year moved the DanceWorks performance location to the romantic and scenic yard of Castle Runkelstein where we shall celebrate our common jubilees of Bolzano Danza and the “Klangfeste”.

The basic situation for the DanceWorks has also been slightly altered.  The workshops will be held in intensive three-hour sessions during the second workshopweek (until now they have been held during both weeks of the festival).  As a result the creative process will be both more intensive and compact than before. But we shall, as always, remain true to our basic concept: DanceWorks remains the location for the further training of advanced dancers.  The DanceWorks performance is the result of a work in progress and does not wish to be seen as a comprehensive stage production.

So: take courage, take part and celebrate our rounded birthdays with us! 

The DanceWorks performance will be followed by a musical birthday celebration Jam Session with our Bolzano Danza musicians.

DanceWorks BALLET with Kenneth Burke

DanceWorks CONTEMPORARY with Jennifer Mann

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