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Juan Gomez hails from Cádiz. He first started learning the guitar while still a child and later became a pupil of famous flamenco artists such as Manolo Sanlucar. Since 1984 he has worked professionally with a number of renowned flamenco groups and has taken part in international tours with artists such as Joaquin Grilo und Javier Baron. His sensitive style and expressivity make him an ideal accompanist for both dancers and singers. In recent years he has accompanied well-known flamenco singers such as Pansequito, Nano de Jerez and Mariana Cornejo and has also worked with the travelling dance company Flamencos en route.

BRUNO ASSENMACHER, ethno-percussion

After graduating as an electrical engineer Bruno Assenmacher trained as a group leader on theme-centred interaction and founded an import-export company for musical instruments. He studied various percussion styles In Northern Africa, the United States, Europe and Israel. Concerts, radio, TV, CD and theatre productions gave him insights into the musical practices of Arab and European bands and in particular into Oriental musical culture. This provided the basis for his current work as a percussion teacher with special focus on Oriental music. He also holds refresher courses for school teachers and theoretical and practical rhythm courses for dancers, engages in management training where he holds team-building and anti-stress courses, works as a music journalist and writes, among other, for the Orient Magazin, lectures at the Fachhochschule Düsseldorf  and acts as artistic advisor and board member of Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf.


Luis M. Carmona Barrio was born in San Sebastián, where he studied piano and composition. He worked as dance accompanist and composer in many parts of Europe, in the USA and Japan with artists such as María de Ávila, Lola de Ávila, Carmen Roche, Victor Ullate, Carmina, Ida Vasilieva,  Azari Plizetski, Jean Claude Gallotta, Anne Teresa de Keersmaker, David Zambrano, Susanne Linke, Milton Myers, Wim Vandekeybus, with the José Limón Dance Company and the Jennifer Muller Company, the Institut del Teatre, Barcelona, and Internationale Tanzwochen Wien.
He has composed music for films, dance and theatrical performances and has taken part in most of the major music festivals as a pianist. Carmona Barrio has also recorded a number of CDs and is currently recording his own piano compositions.


Francois Ceccaldi has been engaged with dance as a musician for the past 15 years. He has composed for various ensembles (Cie de la Mentira, Voie E) and accompanies dance lessons at the Conservatoire de Montpellier, Epse Danse and at various international festivals. He has worked with artists such as  Anne Marie Porras, Rita Quaglia, Michèle Rust, Eve Jouret, Yann Lheureux, Jean-Pierre Alvarez and Leonardo Montecchia.

His basic instruments are the traditional percussion instruments (Zarb, Darbuka, Tablas, Jenbé Toms). By combining them with the latest technology Francois has opened a broad new field of sound.


Sandro Cuccuini graduated as a pianist in 1988 from the Conservatorio G. Verdi, Turin, where he studied under Maestro Sergio Verderame. From 1982 he worked as a répétiteur to opera singers and from 1990 onwards also for classical dance. He served as artistic director and conductor of the company Torino Teatro Operetta from 1998 to 2006. Since 2001 he has been a pianist for the Royal Academy of Dance in London and has collaborated with choreographers and dance tutors. Cuccuini is the composer and arranger of the music on the nine CDs which outline the Modern Dance Academy’s teaching method and also composed and recorded the first classical dance CD Music for Ballet. More recently he has written a musical which has been produced in Turin in a stage design by Fulvio Crivello. Sandro Cuccuini composed and arranged the music for “Valiean”, a musical based on the novel “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo and directed by Fulvio Crivello. Recently he was invited to Virginia, USA as both pianist and teacher to take part in a music seminar dedicated to dance.

GILSON DE ASSIS, percussion

Gilson de Assis, born in Rio de Janeiro, has been living and working in Europe since 1981. Years of research while still in Brazil have made him a specialist in Brazilian percussion. He gives concerts with various groups, has recorded numerous CDs and written two textbooks. He is co-director of the Blue Planet music courses in Munich and offers further training for teachers and professional musicians. A special focus in his work is on pre-school and school children and social projects for children of the City of Munich. His many years of work as a musician in various dance festivals have given him a great deal of experience in cooperating with dancers. As an accompanist in dance courses he mixes traditional and modern rhythms and uses not only conventional percussion instruments but also other sound sources such as various sound-producing objects, voice, body percussion, creating in this way an exciting and creative atmosphere.


He was born in Lorca, Murcia, where he took his first guitar lessons with master “Palmitas”. A few years later he moves to Jerez de la Frontera where he studies with José Luis Balao and “El Carbonero”. He has received some important awards like the Premio de Guitarra de la "Cátedra de Flamencología de Jerez". He has travelled around the world with very famous singers such as: “Chano Lobato”, “Rancapino”, “Mariana Cornejo”, “Elu de Jerez”, “Antonio Reyes”, “Melchora Ortega”, etc. Pascual has also played for famous dancers like Joaquín Grilo and Domingo Ortega. He has performed with Antonio "El Pipa" Flamenco Dance Company, for which he has composed music for four shows. He has recorded CD's with the singers “Chano Lobato”, “Mariana Cornejo” and “Manuel Simón”.Pascual is currently a member of "Flamencos en Route" Dance Company.

ANILDO SILVA, percussion

Dance and music from Africa and South America which he has been playing since the 1980s are the passion of this musician and composer from Cap Verde.

e axccompanied 

He accompanied percussionists Céaria Evora and  Guem on their tours but he also enjoys accompanying dance classes, draws the attention of the dancers to the mixtures of rich music and enlivens the lessons for the most varied audiences, including schools and social clubs.

Anildo Silva is also a trained stilt artist and so proves his openness for other artistic modes.

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