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Dear Dancers,

30 years of Bolzano Danza, a great age for a festival which at its birth probably only a few believed in and predicted it a long life.  Because in 1984 dance was just beginning to wake up from its sleeping beauty slumber and only bit by bit began to establish itself in cultural life as an international phenomenon with courses and performance festivals. A vigorous one as proved in the meantime by the existence of Bolzano Danza. Our festival belongs to the founding generation of its kind and we also want to enter the new decade in the same pioneering spirit of its earlier years: we want to envisage the future and not celebrate the (albeit) very successful past. “Tradition”, Gustav Mahler once said, “is the passing on of the flame and not the consecration of ashes.” And this is what we want the slogan to be to which we shall devote ourselves in the future. 

This “passing on of the flame” has for many years been the focus of our Kids’ Programme. To cope with the overwhelming demand we have this year expanded our programme with a further packet.

In 2014 Bolzano Danza will continue to fulfil its motto with diversity, continuity and innovation. This is also evident in our new graphical line which peps up our existing shield without belying the old. It is also evident from our offer of courses in which the proven has been expanded with novelties. We welcome to our popular basic international teaching staff newcomers Simonetta Alessandri, Esther Balfe, Barbara Ebner, Carmen Iglesias, Carsem “Lumière” Sasse and Manis Sjahroeddin. Hip Hop expert Nina Kripas also returns to Bolzano after several years of exciting and professional absence.

Of course we shall celebrate our birthday with presents for both the participants and audience of Bolzano Danza: for example the opening ceremony in the Hotel Holzner with the young aspiring dancers of the Epse Junior Compagnie led by Anne-Marie Porras, the “open space” performance “bodies in urban spaces” with the Cie Willi Dorner and ending with our current edition of DanceWorks with choreographies by Jennifer Mann and Kenneth Burke which also span the tradition of classical ballet and modern dance expression.

It would take up too much space to express our thanks to all those who deserve it. But we would like to mention you here, dear participants, and to express our thanks to all those who have remained faithful to us over the years or those who will perhaps become our adherents for the first time.

And remember one thing in these days of crisis: Keep dancing, it is cheaper than therapy!

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