NEW: Group Motion Workshop

As a special treat on 19th July 2020 Jennifer Mann will lead a Group Motion Workshop for all levels and abilities. Join us!

The Group Motion Workshop is a 90 minutes long, non stop guided process of dance/movement improvisation with live music. Based on structures and scores created and developed by Brigitta Herrmann and Manfred Fischbeck, the Workshop combines highly refined structures of improvisation, movement meditations, and contact dance. It is an outgrowth of their work with the Group Motion Dance Company originated in 1971. It is being conducted regularly every friday night in Philadelphia for over fifty years and has toured to festivals, dance centers, colleges and schools in the US and other countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Argentina, Germany, France, Poland, Lithuania, Cyprus, Bermuda and Barbados.

This tradition is now being implemented and carried on by Berlin based teachers Jennifer Mann and Heidi Weiss. An ensemble of musicians supports this interactive space with live improvised acoustic and electronic music.

No previous dance experience is required. The Group Motion Workshop offers a space for interactivity and communication which is spontaneous, deep and direct, allowing for new channels of creative potential to open. It serves as a resource for creative and authentic expression through movement and sound, and can be utilized as a creative practice for all levels and all ages.

The overlap of participants from different backgrounds and of different ages, adds a powerful dimension of mutual learning and exchange of movement information and encourages the integration of body, mind and spirit.

These structures are practiced in ways of playing, discovering and experiencing individually and collectively. Compositions and choreographic patterns can be spontaneously created and experienced. The Group Motion practice creates a ritual space for building community.

Sunday, July 19, 2020, 16.30-18.00 (then "Meet & Greet")

With: Jennifer Mann
Music: Stefan M. Pahlke (tuba, synthesizer, electronics) and François Ceccaldi (percussion)
Language: english (with german translation) 
Where: Haus der Kultur / Casa della Cultura ("Waltherhaus"), via Sciliar 1, Bolzano
Free admission; please register: info(at)